Thursday, November 19, 2015

NO ground forces against ISIS

The source of the indefatigable pride of the modern french citizen which has so frequently crippled real diplomacy with the United States is their deep sense of connection to their ancestral history, although all living are born in the 20th century and have done nothing;  Second the art about the crusades is on display in museums in Paris, and anybody can enjoy how deep and interesting this is regardless of their being citizens of France, so we should be nice to them.  Third, given how much art there is in Paris about the Crusades, and how smug french people are about it, and how pacifist they are, the growing and increasingly dangerous population of Muslims living there seems humorous from our side of the pond.

If you know enough about the U.S. Marine Corp getting destroyed in Fallujah (which the British Army also could not occupy in 1950) and, that many of the male population of Baghdad fled over 10 years ago, impressive images of ISIS warriors become who your girlfriends thought you killed in 2001. Actually though, start reading Al Jezzerah journalism, might still be Baghdadish-type people looking to set things off again now that they are prepared, and doing whatever they can to get you guys back down there.

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