Sunday, May 31, 2015


You shouldn't fear drones, here's why:

1) A liberal idealist opposition to drones is motivated by preserving the media frames they develop to maintain their core of voter support for the democrats, does not engage with the military intelligence that causes the deployment of drones.

2) Islamic Fundamentalism, according to the majority of scholars, is closed minded ideology which opposes the west on principle. Jihad, the source of terrorist threat is popularized from within fundamentalism by the activity of key leaders, most of whom UN forces know, several of whom the US has already detained, interrogated and released in order to fulfill the promises of the Obama administration. 

3) The main cause of death for U.N and United States forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan was roadside bombs (IED.) The percentage of deaths from (IED) increased as the wars continued, we can expect in a war against ISIS further use of IED. If ISIS completes terrorist attacks on (in) the west, the ensuing use of US/UN ground forces will give ISIS a strategic advantage with IED in a defensive position.  

4) Drone surveillance will target key leaders to contain the spread of ISIS, can strike precisely enough to remove key leaders only. Remote piloting is superior instead of cowardly.  Aesthetically they insinuate counter-terror, cannot violate the agreements of the UN security council, can minimize further casualties on both sides, are the correct choice from the perspective of military science. 

Watch US senator Tom Cotton oppose the release of detainees from Guantanamo bay:

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